Bags of personality

Nushi makes all the handbags on site in Herefordshire. We love to design bags that are a little bit quirky and different. As each bag is made by hand and many are made of recycled materials, each bag is completely unique. They have bags of personality!

The recycled tractor inner tubes we use have stamps and texture on them. Depending on how we cut and finish them, these markings form part of the character of the bag. If you love the idea of having a recycled tractor tyre bag, check out our recycled bag collection.

Animal print accessories have always had a maximalist feeling and ours are no different. The faux fur is fluffy and soft. We combine it with soft suede feel fabrics that are the perfect pairing for the faux fur. We’ve even been known to line an otherwise ordinary handbag with faux fur! The animal print scarves and berets are super snuggly for colder days.

Being a proudly British brand, we are in love with our British tweed handbag collection. The plain tweed comes in soft hues of pink, blue, tan, brown, green and grey. The tan and green checked tweed has a soft blue check that makes each handbag look distinct.

Waxed cotton is a practical fabric for UK weather and our waxed cotton totes, crossbody bags and backpacks all work for commuting. We love the gold, especially at this time of year. The green, blue and plum shades pair well with our tweed backpacks.

We have designed all the handbags you can see on Nushi. We enjoy putting a surprise lining into a plain bag. It makes us smile when we open them. (We also sell handy handbag liners to keep your bag clean too). 

Find your perfect bag with personality in our range.