Have you finished/started your Christmas shopping yet?

This weekend is a brilliant time to get your Christmas shopping started, before the chaos of Black Friday and Cyber Monday (or Christmas Eve for that matter!) In plenty of time to return the jumper you ordered in the wrong size or colour for Aunt Jane, and order something else.

Christmas gifts

What kind of Christmas shopper are you?

Do you make an exact list of what you need, so that you can go straight to it and buy?  Or do you shop around, comparing items and thinking about which one would be preferred by the gift recipient?

You might be the type of person that leaves all your Christmas shopping until December or the type who has already completed most of their Christmas shopping list in October!

Do you shop online or in person?

There is something atmospheric about spending an evening Christmas shopping when the shops are open late and the Christmas lights are on. Meeting friends and enjoying a coffee or something stronger to chase away the cold.

Conversely, shopping online gives you a wider choice if you are shopping for something particular and opens the doors to a huge range of retailers that do not have brick and mortar shops. If you have family scattered far and wide, shopping online can also make it easier to send the gift directly to the receiver.

Christmas lists for Santa

Christmas wish lists work well. If you are unsure about what you think someone will like, wish lists can solve the problem and make sure there are no disappointed family members on Christmas day. Wish lists can be emailed to the gift giver so that they still get a choice about what to buy but can be sure that what they buy is right.