Upcycled eco-friendly handbags          

Our inner tube bags are a great example of upcycled eco-friendly handbags. They’re made from tractor inner tubes which would otherwise have gone to landfill waste.

We upcycle the inner tubes. First we wash them to remove and grime and grease that is on the rubber, making sure that it is sparkly clean and ready for use. Then we cut our handbag patterns out of the inner tube. Each inner tube is different. Some of them have patches and stamps on them. This is one of the reasons that every handmade handbag is unique.

The lining material is also usually leftover material that would otherwise have been thrown away. The bags are sewn by our team in the workroom. Finally we add buckles and accessories.


Here are some of our favourite upcycled eco-friendly handbags:

Scilla is a clutch bag or wrist bag made from the inner tube with a punch-hole detail that shows the brightly coloured lining. The wrist strap is removable to make a clutch.

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Conifer is a smart laptop bag made out of recycled inner tube. The bag holds a standard laptop and has plenty of internal pockets to hold chargers and laptop accessories.

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Oak is a sturdy backpack that is great for active outdoor activities or a daily commute. Oak has an external zipped pocket to carry items that you need to be easily accessible. The waterproof rubber inner tube makes this a great backpack for UK adventures.

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Buttercup is cute little bucket bag with silver eyelets for the drawstring strap. Buttercup has an adjustable strap so can be worn across the shoulder as a crossbody bag or used with a shortened strap as a handbag.

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Bryony is a simple shoulder bag that makes the best use of the natural round shape of a tractor inner tube. This bag often has unique stamps and texture. An adjustable shoulder strap and magnetic popper complete this popular bag.

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As we make the handbags in-house, we are able to produce custom bags if you have a particular feature you would like. Contact us to find out more about this service.

These are not the only recycled bags we make. We make glasses cases, pencil cases, crossbody bags, laptop bags and backpacks in other designs, waist bags, man bags and more!

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