Why buy recycled inner tube bags?

Why buy recycled inner tube bags?  Here are some good reasons (we think) to buy these bags. By making recycled inner tube bags, we are reducing, reusing and recycling.- reducing the amount of rubber that goes to landfill, reusing the material and recycling it into a useful bag.

Reduce waste going to landfill

Nushi recycled inner tube bags are made of tractor tyre inner tubes. The inner tubes, which we source locally, would otherwise have ended up in landfill and rubber takes a very long time to break down. Rubber can last a lifetime, literally, taking at an estimated 50-80 years to decompose. By buying a recycled inner tube bag from us, you are saving the planet.

 Inner tubes before recycling into bags

Reusing and recycling inner tubes

We take the inner tubes and clean them of all the grease and muck that is attached to them. This is often quite a process!  A lot of love goes into every handbag that we make. We wash and polish up the rubber and then it is ready to reuse the materials to make the bags. By making recycled inner tube bags, we are reducing, reusing and recycling.

Small local business

The inner tubes for our bags are sourced from dealers local to our workshop. We don’t import the materials, saving on transport. We also hand make all the inner tube bags here in the UK, each one is crafted by our team in Herefordshire. By shopping at Nushi, you help support a small local business providing local employment.

recycled inner tube bag 

Each inner tube bag is unique

One of the advantages of having a recycled inner tube bag is that you know that no-one else has a bag quite like yours. The stamps, patches, ribbing and raised edges all make unique features on your bag. The natural curves in the inner tubes give them a lovely shape. Every inner tube that we recycle is different and so every bag that we make using them is different too.

recycled inner tube backpack 

They are waterproof which is handy in the UK!

The recycled rubber material from the inner tubes is durable and hard wearing. It is also waterproof. This is a great advantage if you want to take your bag out walking on the beach or with your dogs. The recycled inner tube backpack is perfect for cycling, mountain biking or even skiing as it keeps your spare clothes dry. The bag can then be thrown in the boot of the car at the end of the walk and simply wiped clean when you get home.

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