From Inner Tube to Bag

Reduce landfill

Our recycled inner tube range of bags and backpacks was born out of a coincidence when we spotted a local tyre dealer with a mountain of waste inner tubes. We asked him what would happen to them and he told us that they would go to landfill.

recycled inner tube bags

Raw materials

Inner tubes need a thorough clean before they can be used as the raw material for a bag. This involves quite a process! The team at Nushi can often be found scrubbing away at the rubber to get it clean before work can begin.

Unique bags

Inner tube bags are often uniquely different, as the features of a particular inner tube are incorporated into the design (for example, patches or logo stamps). The team at Nushi work these features into the bag and cut the pattern to make the most of this uniqueness.

inner tube backpack

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